Difference between deductible and deposit?

Difference between deductible and deposit?


Is intended only for the scooter and motorcycle and can be from € 200,00 till € 500,00 amount, depending on the rented vehicle type. Both scooters and motorcycles that do not have an insurance Kasco because no insurance offers that.


Kasco insurance, deductible or refundable security deposit The Kasco insurance with a deductible covers the damage to the car controlled with the exception of the excess to the contract from which varies depending on the type of the rented vehicle, usually the deductible is € 500.00 (with the exception of the quads and motorcycles, which be agreed locally), provided they are not caused by intent or break the laws and road rules.

The deductible is retained in the event of a collision or damage to the car. In the event of a collision with another vehicle or motorcycle, etc ... you must inform the owner about the incident immediately. The vehicle is indicated only for the rental period in the contract, including extensions insured assumes we outside this time no responsibility for any accidents, for which the customer is directly must adhere.

The damage to the interior and equipment are not covered by insurance, and therefore are the sole responsibility of the customer. In case of fire and theft, the vehicle and the originally recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle accessories are covered by insurance. Objects of Customer which might occur in the car are covered by the insurance.
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